Intermediate & Advanced Pistol

Conceal Carry Level I

Your CCH class was 8+ hours long and covered a ton of material.  Over 90% of your class was educational and less than 10% was weapon handling. 


Our Conceal Carry Level I is a single-day, 4-hour class designed from the ground up to reverse that imbalance by reinforcing the education received into practical, hands-on weapon manipulation designed for the self-defense situation.  In it, you will develop the skills, attitude and confidence to avoid (and overcome if necessary) a deadly force encounter.

All students must submit valid, state-issued ID, Conceal Carry Permit and payment no later than 14 days before class.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

Class Equipment Requirements (your responsibility)

  • Your Personal, EDC Handgun (properly maintained and fully-functional)

    • Minimum .380 caliber

  • Minimum 100 rounds (that you’ve shot before w/out issue)

  • Strong side belt holster (IWB or OWB) that allows you to easily reholster with one hand


  • Two or more pistol magazines with pouch


Visit our FAQ here and our Policies here.

All portions of this class are held in High Point, NC.

Private Classes available.  Email us for info.

Schedule:  Upon Request

Start:  9am

Length:  Four Hours

Cost:  $100.00

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