Beginner Classes

Whether it's our First Shots class or the NRA Basics class, you'll leave with a solid foundation and a hunger more time on the trigger.  We understand that the first time at the range can be filled with mixed emotions because we've been there and done that.

We will take you from limited knowledge to understanding the how and why so when you get to the range you have the self-confidence that your first shots will be on target.

Check out the options below and book your beginner class with us today!


First Shots*

Our beginner classes were developed from the ground up for the individual who has never shot a firearm before and needs a private setting.

Classroom topics are:

  • Firearm Safety

  • Terminology & Range Etiquette

  • Basic Mechanics & Types of Firearm Actions

  • Marksmanship Fundamentals

Range time will focus on practical exercises designed around applying Marksmanship Fundamentals.  You'll confidently take those First Shots at a bulls-eye target with small caliber firearms and progress from there. 

Taking the First Shots-Handgun class qualifies you for $25 credit towards our NC Conceal Carry class.  Click here for more info on that class and booking information.

Visit our FAQ here and our Policies here.

All portions of this class are held in High Point, NC.

Private Classes available.  Email us for info.

Schedule:  Recurring, 1st Saturday Monthly

Location:  High Point, NC

Minimum:  Two students

Start:  8am

Length:  Four Hours

Cost:  $60.00

*Ineligible for discounts

NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting

​The NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting course is the best way for you to learn the basics of pistol shooting from the top firearms training organization in the world!

This IS NOT a NC Conceal Carry Handgun class.

Click here if that's what you're looking for.

Topics include:

  • Pistol Knowledge

  • Safe Gun Handling

  • Fundamentals of Pistol Shooting

  • Shooting Positions

  • Ammunition Fundamentals

  • Cartridge Malfunctions

  • Selecting and Maintaining your Pistol


Students will complete the NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Student Examination followed by live fire exercises with NRA Certified Range Safety Officer.


All students will receive NRA Guide: Basics of Pistol Shooting handbook and a Course Completion Certificate (Post Office mailed upon completion).

The Search button below will take you to the NRA website to search and register for class.


​Schedule:  On Demand

Length:  Six Hours (minimum)

Cost:  $80.00

NRA Marksmanship Challenge*

The NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program is a fun and challenging way to develop your shooting skills.

Progression is self-paced and scores are measured against established par scores.  Any shooter who meets or exceeds those scores is entitled to the corresponding recognition awards for that rating.


Take your shooting skills to the next level and challenge yourself in the NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program today!

Detailed info can be found on the NRA website by clicking this link.

The Pistol Qualification details can be found by clicking this link.

Additional details can be found by calling (703) 267-1505 or emailing

Click the button below once you've completed all phases and are ready to attempt Distinguished Expert!

Schedule:  On Demand

Length:  One-Two Hours

Cost:  $25.00

*Ineligible for discounts

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