North Carolina Conceal Carry Handgun

The NC Conceal Carry Handgun course is mandated by 12 NCAC (NC Administrative Code) 09F to be a minimum of 8-hours and is designed to teach any law-abiding citizen handgun basics and the legalities of carrying a handgun concealed in NC.

We provide all equipment needed and have the experience to take you through basic firearm knowledge to putting shots on target, and knowing when it's justified to.  You'll retain more info in our unique, interactive class covering the basics of firearm safety, function, the legalities of carrying a concealed firearm and everything in-between.

Lunch & snacks are provided.

Visit our FAQ for Legal Qualifications of applying for your permit.

Discounts available.  Read our Policies here to see if you quality.

All portions of this class are held in High Point, NC.

Email us for info on Private Classes.

Schedule:  Recurring, 3rd Saturday Monthly

Minimum:  Three students

Start:  8am

Length:  Eight Hours (minimum)

Cost:  $90.00 (pre-registration required)

Coming Soon...

New classes are 'in development' for what comes after.

Stay tuned!

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High Point, NC

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