Complementary Classes

​All firearm owners need to know these basics, and we believe these classes should be available free of charge.


Offered on request, contact us today to schedule.

Safety & Terminology

This class removes the range portion of our 'First Shots' class and covers only the basics.

We will not visit the range and we will not shoot any firearms.  It will introduce you to real firearms, safe gun handling procedures, correct terminology and other basics.  Just enough to make you want more!

Class Length:  One hour


Field Strip & Cleaning your Firearm

​Field Strip your firearm into it's major components for cleaning and lubrication.  Properly maintaining clean and oiled firearms are keys to success when on the range.  If you need an accurate cleaning routine, we can show you how.

This information is included in both NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting and Conceal Carry Handgun courses.

Class Length:  One Hour


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