Gun Violence Does Not Exist

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

How dare I make such a comment! I know right? How can I be so insensitive?

Gun Violence is a made-up term pushed after an emotional event in an attempt to demonize an inanimate object.

Inanimate Objects

Look at the picture.

Now ask yourself if you believe that Glock19 removed itself from the holster, dumped a few rounds out, inserted the mag and gently placed itself down. You can't! And because you can't, you therefore cannot associate an action to the object. If only there was a way I could righteously blame it for all those low-left target hits!

Gun violence does not exist.

It's only made for killing

...and cars are made for driving, a hammer is made to nail, a knife is made to cut, and on it goes. Yet you don't hear people yelling Hammer Violence when used in a murder!

Violence does exist, and is a human behavior. Stop blaming the tool used as though it has any ability outside of the individual wielding it. If it were the fault of the object, explain to me why we didn't have this issue in the 40's, 50's & 60's?

It's no more the fault of the object than the victim who suffers at the hand of violence - which is precisely why we don't accuse victims of doing something wrong. Let's start assigning the blame where it belongs - squarely in the lap of the person who used violence against another living being.

It starts at home

...and in the heart.

Cain murdered Abel with a rock [stone], and yet it was clearly not the fault of the rock. Something arose in Cain's heart (I presume jealousy) which lead him to (sin) kill his brother. Jeremiah says The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked. James tells us that ...every man is tempted when they are enticed by his own desires. Christ died for my soul and covers my sin with the blood He shed for me. This is the truest form of love and self-sacrifice to ever be displayed.

Looking back on my childhood, every a$$-whipping I received was 100% deserved. It taught me to love, honor & respect my parents and others. If you don't know what that means or how that works, this little blog isn't going to help you understand.

Because of Christ & the parents He entrusted me to, I have no desire to hate

Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. ~Proverbs 22:6

Main Stream Media

It's no secret, at least it shouldn't be that the MSM has pushed the liberal talking points about "gun violence" for years. They'll lead you to believe that guns are bad, and the criminals are secondary. Typical backwards logic - but when your agenda is to disarm the public, this is what you should expect. Instead of focusing their efforts to enforce existing laws, they advocate to create more in some insane thought that those who already break the law will magically obey the new one!


After the Florida tragedy in February 2018, then Governor Rick Scott signed a law raising the minimum age to buy rifles to 21, established a waiting period, background checks and more. Nevermind it's already illegal under Florida law statute 790.115(2)(a) to possess a firearm on any education property. Let's also disregard the shooters behavioral issues since middle school, an involuntary admission recommendation by licensed psychiatrist. calls to police nearly 50 times in 9 years and more. But again, it's the guns fault right?

Fast forward to January 2019. Five people killed in a bank "execution style" by a 21-year old who called 911 on himself admitting his actions. Those new gun laws worked didn't they? He wasn't there to rob it - he just wanted to kill people.

Final Thought

There are bad people in this world, and "evil will find a way" - knife, bat or gun.

Your turn!

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