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High Point, NC

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ullaichte, gun eagal

Ullaichte, gun eagal is Scots Gaelic for Prepared, not scared.  As our motto, we take this to heart in our daily lives and strive to teach this in every class.

We often hear people tell us that they do not shoot firearms because they are scared.  Some purchase a large caliber pistol because "size matters", but rarely visit the range because they've never been taught recoil management.  Others are firearm owners who are so unfamiliar with the proper function and safe handling of firearms, it's intimidating so they don't practice! 

Our job as Instructors is to educate you on firearm safety, function and selection.  It's our commitment to you to instill our motto in you.  We will prepare you, to not be scared!


It's our commitment is to instill our motto in you.  We will prepare you, to not be scared!  Contact Us today and exercise your 2nd Amendment freedoms daily!